Concierge Services / Front Of House

We can supply fully trained front of house staff/concierge services at all levels of security. Which are tailor made to your specific requirements. All our staff are SIA vetted officers and together in their role as front of house can blend diplomacy, courtesy and physical protection when needed.  We provide a cost effective multi functional security and reception service.  Having SIA approved front of house security officers has been proved to be an effective visual deterrent, reducing risks which help to provide a safe and secure environment for your residents, your premises, staff and customers.

Services available include –

  • Reception/concierge services
  • Access and exit procedures and security scanning
  • Car Park management
  • Internal/External building and perimeter patrols
  • CCTV, access control and monitoring

We can provide you with a service that suits your requirements on a full time basis, or to supplement your own staff for holidays or sickness cover.

All our staff will be fully trained and briefed on your business or situation and will know what is expected of them.

They will deliver your exact needs and also conduct themselves appropriately and respectfully and generally they exceed your expectations, which we have found that they can accomplish very well.  Our company Serjeant Security pride ourselves on our staffs competence and on providing our clients with a high quality of  service that is competitively priced.

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