Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

With the ever changing world around us it is more important than ever to be protected at all times.

Whether its for security, loss prevention or just for piece of mind Metal detectors are becoming very popular with our clients in today’s world.

Walk through Metal Detectors

Modern security archway detectors are easy to set up and operate.  Once they was only seen at airports and prisons.  Today we see them in a variety of locations including night clubs, schools, public and private buildings and corporate work place security.  They are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses for loss prevention, train terminals, historical landmarks, sporting events, arenas and at concerts.

They Can help with the following;

  • School Security
  • Hospital security
  • Courthouse security
  • Event security
  • Loss prevention
  • Airport security
  • Anti Knife crime
  • Warehouse Loss Prevention
  • Warehouse Security
  • Railway Stations

We have been asked to supply metal detecting equipment in many places, these can range from the walk through to the hand held version, which are extremely effective.

Hand held scanners are a long time favorite of security and law enforcement professionals, the hand held scanner virtually eliminates the need for pat downs during weapon screening, saving patrons from embarrassment and helping to protect security officers from needles and harmful equipment. With the press of a switch the precise automatic circuitry can detect many concealed items such as knifes, Guns, foil wrapped drugs, some jewelry and electronic components.

We can also supply Random Search Selectors which when integrated with your company security policy, it provides a permanent deterrent to thieves as well as a means of preventing those who are not deterred, without undue imposition on the honest employees.

These devices are truly random, unbiased and incorruptible, always ‘alert’ and functioning, and most important of all, provide the high profile deterrent that makes Random Search Selection such an efficient and cost effective method of company policy enforcement.  Typically, in an established security procedure, the ‘stop’ ratio needs to only be set to around 5% to achieve near total compliance with policy-such is the effectiveness of having a device that reminds employees of your company’s policy EVERY time they have to consciously push the button – this is the deterrent effect working for your company and minimizing costs.

For any requirements you may have or questions then please contact us for more information.

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