We provide contract security management, manpower, electronic surveillance and related support services.

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Meet Serjeant Security LTD

Serjeant Security Limited is an established provider of contract security management, manpower, electronic surveillance and related support services. Our growth is firmly based on customer satisfaction – our emphasis on the development of long-term partnerships with our customers and on innovative management practices has proved to be a winning formula.

As well as providing services of the highest professional standard, our work reflects the character of our customer’s business. Through this partnership approach, the interests of our customers become the interests of Serjeant Security Limited.

Serjeant Security Ltd holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding, Key Holding and Public Space CCTV.


We have always been family run, with an emphasis on reliability and quality. This shines through in our Testimonials; customers are happy with our service in the vast majority of cases, and we aim for a 100% satisfaction rating.

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Monday- Friday: 8:00am-17:00pm

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24hour 7 Days

What do we offer?

Serjeant Security Ltd was set up in February 2000 and has gained contracts, which include Local Authorities, retail, logistics, offices, storage facilities and construction firms. Our services include Security Manned Guarding, Key holding, CCTV surveillance, a patrol clocking system (diester) and mobile patrol, including opening and closing of buildings.

Serjeant Security Ltd is a 24-hour call out service; this includes, alarm response and emergency guarding. Our 24-hour call out service also includes mobile supervisor who check all manned guard sites throughout the night as well as during the day. Serjeant has also been commended for the competitive rates offered to our varied list of clients.

Part of the Security Officers duties include making check calls to our 24-hour Control Centre at regular intervals. Our Supervisors make irregular calls and visits to provide support, and also report in to Control at regular intervals. Serjeant Security Limited prides itself on having an excellent team of Mobile Managers and Supervisors who, as on the site security, work on a shift basis thus giving all sites 24-hours Supervision as well as static guarding.

Serjeant Mission Statement

Serjeant Security’s mission is to deliver a top class, wide-ranging and flexible security service, controlled and performed to the highest standards. To this end, Serjeant Security operate on the following basis:

1.1 Effective contract management is achieved by appointing a Contract Manager for each site. Each Contract Manager will ensure the efficient functioning of our Security Operatives to the satisfaction of our clients.
1.2 Contract managers are supported by on site supervisors and mobile patrols, who are required to have a detailed knowledge of each client’s requirements and systems. Back up supplied by the Control Centre and a Duty Director, is available 24 hours per day.
1.3 We are accredited to BS EN 9001.

2.1 From the outset, regardless of experience, training is a continuous process. In order to meet the ever changing needs and requirements of the security industry, we assess continuously the effects these will have on our officers in the field and their ability to fulfil their duties to our clients, adjusting our training accordingly.
2.2 The standards set by the Security Industry Training Organisation, together with those of the British Standards Institute BS 7499, are our benchmark and we will not fall short of these standards in any way.

3.1 Serjeant Security are fully committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, creed, colour, nationality, sex or disability.
3.2.1 Our recruitment and screening process incorporates up to 10 years’ employment records screening at clients request and or risk in accordance with BS 7858
3.2.2 Advertising that ensures we attract the specific skills for the job
3.2.3 Optional psychometric testing
3.2.4 Recruiting the correct calibre of staff for a particular assignment
3.2.5 An attractive salary with long term prospects.

4.1 All equipment supplied by Serjeant Security is appropriate for the task.

5.1 Operatives are supplied with full uniform; we use a variety of styles which can be adapted to suit client requirements, including reflecting the client corporate image.
5.2 Dress standards are detailed in the Staff Handbook and rigorously maintained.
5.3 Encapsulated identity badges with photographs are worn at all times while on duty. Company insignia is part of all our uniform issue.