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Security Dogs in Haringay

Security Dogs in Haringay

Security Dogs in Haringay K9 dog units (or Canine dog units) are specialist dog & handler teams trained to the highest standards for the security industry in Haringay. Using Security Dogs in Haringay for security is one of the most effective ways to prevent, detect and protect your business premises.

All of our K9 dog & handler units are registered individually with the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). All units operate in accordance with the Home Office Code of Practice and The Guard Dog Act 1975.

K9 Dog & handler units provide a highly skilled addition to the security of high risk and vulnerable sites Haringay. They can provide greater flexibility than two uniformed security officers and they have an acute ability to detect intruders. Properly trained canine dog units are a proven, effective deterrent.

The London Borough of Haringey (pronounced HARR-ing-gay, same as Harringay)
is a London borough in North London, classified by some definitions as allowance of Inner London, and by others as ration of Outer London. It was created in 1965 by the combination of three former boroughs. It shares borders similar to six extra London boroughs. Clockwise from the north, they are: Enfield, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Islington, Camden, and Barnet.

Haringey covers an Place of exceeding 11 square miles (28.5 km2). Some of the more familiar local landmarks enlarge Alexandra Palace, Bruce Castle, Jacksons Lane, Highpoint I and II, and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. The borough has extreme contrasts: areas in the west, such as Highgate, Muswell Hill and Crouch stop are in the middle of the most prosperous in the country; in the east of the borough, some wards are classified as being accompanied by the most deprived 10% in the country. Haringey is afterward a borough of contrasts geographically. From the wooded high ground approaching Highgate and Muswell Hill, at 426.5 feet (130.0 m), the estate falls immediately away to the flat, open low-lying home beside the River Lea in the east. The borough includes large areas of green space, which make up higher than 25% of its total area.

A little history of K9 dog units and their use in modern policing

There are over 2500 police dogs employed amongst the various police forces in the UK, with the Alsatian as the most popular breed for general purpose work. The Belgian Malinois is also gaining in popularity; in 2008, a Belgian Malinois female handled by PC Graham Clarke won the National Police Dog Trials with the highest score ever recorded. Source: WikiPedia.

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If your business could benefit from the use of K9 dog units, you can rest assured that Serjeant Security have the right solution for your needs. We’ll be able to advise on all aspects of canine security and have units ready for despatch.

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